About Us

The Genesis Difference

Clients come to us with a variety of financial questions and concerns: How much will I need when I retire and am I on the right track to get there? How much life insurance should I have? What estate documents are appropriate for my situation? I want to retire but will stock market volatility prevent me from doing so? What are the best retirement pension elections for my situation?

We know that not every client who comes to us has the same goals and needs. At Genesis Financial Planning, we won’t offer you a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan as unique as you are, whether you are looking to retire, plan for college, or invest an inheritance.

An extremely important part of our financial planning process is our scenario testing. If you are retired or considering retirement, we will crunch the numbers to see how your retirement resources might hold up under a variety of worst-case scenarios. If the projected results under the worst-case assumptions fall short, we can work with you to devise strategies for success even in difficult economic times.

At Genesis Financial Planning we believe that a complete financial plan is the best foundation for any client relationship. We take a look at the whole picture, analyze where you are now and plan strategically for where you want to be. All of our financial plans incorporate scenario testing to help ensure our clients are not unduly exposed to a financial market downturn. We make certain that our investment management activities are appropriate for your situation and all the pieces are in place to get you on the right track. Our focus on comprehensive financial planning integrated with smart investment management enables us to help you succeed in the long haul, and that’s what matters most.