You often hear various ways to get to a single destination.  You might turn your GPS on and it will give you a few options, but which one is the best?
When planning for retirement it’s not much different.  You’ll hear lots of options with varying directions you can take to plan for your financial future.  However, the most important part of the process is to take action.  Paralysis through analysis is a real thing and it will keep you from reaching your desired destination.  If you never leave your driveway, you’ll never arrive where you want to go.  Plans can be adjusted, detours can be taken, but getting started is the first and most important step.
When I sit down with clients, I look for an opportunity to take action.  I want them to step in the right direction.  They may not always take the exact route I advise, but if they do one thing to get started, we’ve made progress.  I like to get a snowball effect going on retirement savings.  Taking action leads to progress.  Progress leads to momentum.  Momentum, when maintained, can carry us through the tough times when we want to slow down.  Taking action is the only way to reach our desired destination.